Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lazerian Lampshades

The talented Lazerian duo of Liam Hopkins and Richard Sweeney continue to amaze with their exquisite ‘Light Modulator.’ Certainly not content with being called a mere lampshade, this computer-generated form is carved from birch plywood using a CNC router. The construction is composed of 26 individual units to create its lace-like symmetry.

Lazerian works out of their studio in Manchester, UK, which used to be a hat factory.

Source: lazerian Via: yatzer and trendhunter


Jessica said...

these are really stunning...where do you live? I would love for you to be apart of Truant blog which is launching at the beginning of January.

sarahelizabeth said...

I live in Northeast Wisconsin. I'll check out the Truant blog, thanks :)