Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cross Stitch a Banksy

Street art in cross stitch is the latest in subversive cross stitch. How cool is it to be able to cross stitch a Banksy - rather than picture of a kitten holding some flowers?

The patterns are provided free and are surprisingly simple to do (although it’s a whole world of pain reading the charts).

I would recommend doing your street art cross stitch with a bottle of Jack Daniels next to you. It will help the hours fly by.

Also if you are not a fan of Banksy then this cool site also offers patterns in guns, Michael Jackson and for those with a fetish out there people wearing gas masks.

Source: Via: radicalcrossstitch and trendhunter


JafaBrit's Art said...

of course, I LOVE it, thanks for sharing.

gigi said...

that fact that this is cross stitch make it even more deliciously subversive to me!