Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mail Art from Richard Canard

Thanks Richard! I love getting 3-D pieces in the mail, especially with my upcoming Mail Art exhibition in October. Click on the link for more info, especially if you would like to be involved!

Richard, you are amazingly prolific. I would like to think of you as my personal philosophical guru. I can always depend on you to provide me with an interesting thought for the day as I am walking back from my mailbox.
As you can see, Richard has been busy sending me, and I'm sure many others, tons of Mail Art, and here I am, stressing out to the max with a million other worries right now, and I apologize for not sending out much Mail Art these days, especially to the people I owe. But don't fear, my kids are visiting Grandpa this week so I have tons of time and energy right now. And doing some Mail art will do me some good. So watch your mailboxes people!


design for mankind. said...


Sarah said...

Yeah me too! Send him something, and he will definitely send you something back.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I really liked the food shaped one's, how cool!