Sunday, December 7, 2008

Did he just say vagina on the Travel Channel?

Sunday mornings for me are all about settling down with a cup of coffee and chilling out for a second...this morning I happened to turn on the Travel channel, which is one of the few TV stations I actually watch once in a while.

There was a guy talking about art! I watched it for awhile, thinking this was just a little blurb as usual, and soon they would be on to a different attraction--but no--he was discussing art and only art. It took me a couple episodes to believe this was true.

See, I've said for years that there should be a show about fine art on mainstream television. If anything, simply to expose more people to art. Bring art to the masses. The show is Art Attack with Lee Sandstead, an energetic art historian.

Not saying that the show is perfect--I would quibble with some of his remarks. And he buys into "rumors" a bit too much. But for what the show is trying to do---bring art to a wider audience--overall I was really happy to see it.

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