Friday, October 17, 2008

Influential Magazines??

I want to ask you--what magazines in the art, craft, and design fields do you find the most influential and inspiring? I am in the market for some new magazine subscriptions. I'm tired of magazines such as ArtNews. All you get is the same old advertising and articles. I don't learn anything from magazines like that.

Some of my favorite big publications are Fiberarts, American Craft Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, Niche, Print, Frieze, Etc. I would actually be more interested in any smaller, independent produced publications that influence art, craft, and/or design.

Anybody have a publication they can't live without? Comments needed please!


JafaBrit's Art said...

I take the piss out of artforum, but I like it enough to have got myself a subscription. I like it because it reminds me I can do what the hell I want, the imagery is interesting, and I get a kick out of the artsy fartsy speak :) I like buying a juxtapose now and again, or a graffiti mag.

design for mankind. said...

I looooove I.D. and Print Magazine! :)

sarahelizabeth said...

Thanks :)