Monday, September 22, 2008

Mail Art from Richard Canard

More interesting postcards from Richard Canard!
I do believe he is the most prolific mail artist.

What do you think about his statement--"Mail art has the potential equal to painting as an art form"? It's somewhat like comparing apples and oranges. But Mail Art surpasses painting in some ways--it's more social for one thing. And not only does the artist have the freedom to create with minimal rules, but the artist receives almost guaranteed compensation from trading with other Mail artists.

I was speaking with a Mail artist the other day who has been participating since the 60's. He thinks it's a shame that museums overlook the Mail art movement. It's starting to be taken a little more seriously at least. But you don't see much, if anything, about Mail Art in the major art history books.

Personally, I can't believe how much my life has improved since I started participating in Mail Art. What could be better than receiving art in your mailbox for free? Or being able to freely express yourself without judgment? Or making friends with artists from around the world? As busy as I am, I always find the time for Mail art. I'm sure my friends and family are getting sick of me pushing them into doing Mail art! But I want everybody to be as happy with their mailboxes as I am! I finally got my mom convinced. She said she will be sending me a postcard soon.


Lindsay R.T. said...

haha- love the first one!

sarahelizabeth said...

me too :)

IUOMA said...

Yes, Mail-Art tends to change your life. It did mine. Quite abit. Even wrote a book about it. Also interviewed 80+ mail-artists and fluxus-artists to ask how communication as an art-medium has changed their lives. The results are now availle in book-form as well (interested: look for mail-interviews on google and you'll find a link).

Some large art-institutions do have large collections of mail-art in their collection.The Moma in NY has (Because Clive Phillpot as former director also was taking part in mail-art). The Schwering Museum in Germany has , a lot more international museums too. But yes, the majority hasn't a clue of what it is all about. We might change that, but maybe we shouldn't.... (?)


sarahelizabeth said...

Thanks for the visit and comment Ruud! Nice to have your input.