Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Design Influences

One of the most influential women designers of the early 20th century.

Highly complex and intricate, mass produced products with a focus on traditional technique.

A typography and technology team. Visit the link for a great interview.

Brothers that produce semi-handmade, unbelievably original and somewhat humorous chairs.

A genius that I'm guessing many of you are aware of. If not, click the link now!

I've been really inspired by design lately. I've always been a huge art history buff, but I'm just now starting to discover and study some of the major designers--many of which are seldom included in art history texts. So many great artists and designers, so little time!

The above designers have truly changed my outlook on design and art, and have been indescribably influential to me. Make sure to check out the Design Museum and Moss websites. A feast for your vision and insight. Enjoy!