Friday, August 22, 2008

New Artist: Erik Reinert

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't planning on adding any more artists onto The Emergence Project right now. However, like Eleanor Cardwell, I couldn't pass up Erik Reinert, who creates sublime mixed media pieces out of reclaimed wood, which he carves into and paints. I find them to be highly imaginative and interesting, and as he is a self-taught artist, I find Erik to be an inspiration.
Click here to view his page on The Emergence Project.
And click here to view Erik's website.


Tara said...

I feel the paintings are incredibilly beautiful.
The transparent quality, the light and the pastel colors with the white wood from the sea in combination are living changing pictures.
May you reach a lot of people with your visionary art.

Erik M Reinert said...

Tare hi. Thank you very much, that´s very kind of you.

Sarah said...

Thank you for your comment tara--I feel the same way.