Monday, August 25, 2008

Matt's Bug + Blog

I've mentioned before that my six year old son Matt also trades Mail art with people. We have had quite the busy summer but updated his blog today with a couple more Mail Art pieces he has received. Here is what he sent to the Berube Bugs Mail Art call. Click here to view Matt's blog, and send him something if you are interested. I happen to love all children's artwork. There is something so honest about it.

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tammy vitale said...

Cleaning the studio yesterday I came across an envelope, in a batch or drawings from 1974 that have followed me from house to house, a xerox of my now 32 year old daughter's 2 year crayon drawing that she had sent to my Dad. I have a delightful "bird" from my 2 year old (now 28 year old) son. You're right - these drawings are honest and colorful...I love your son's bee! Alas, my grandson isn't a draw-er.