Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Matt's Blog

I just wanted to announce that my six year old son Matt has started a blog called The Art of Being a Kid (with mom's help)! He wants to trade Mail Art with other kids and adults that love children's artwork, and show off all the other art he does! He has already received some art--check it out!

Also Matt was featured on one of my new favorite blogs--Pay It Forward. This blog is great because if you send them a story and pictures/video of a random act of kindess that you have done for somebody, they send you a free piece of collage art!!!

I think it's really important to encourage children's creativity! Now that it's summer, Matt probably spends a good four hours a day total doing artwork, at least. I'm one of those parents who wants my son to be an artist--I think it would be amazing! It's too bad that so many parents don't think that art is a valid choice for a career. It may be a hard path, but I believe that you should always choose to do what you are passionate about and not worry about how much money you will make with it. If you believe in yourself there are endless possibilities. My life is a testament to that! Even if he doesn't want to be an artist, the fact that he is so involved in art right now is teaching him how to solve problems creatively and think outside the box, which will be an assett for whatever direction his life takes!

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Bill Evertson said...

You have a great attitude toward child rearing. The toughest job we are never really prepared for. What a lucky young man.