Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Discoveries

An awesome, spectacular, cheap, independent publication...what could be better?

Pure, unadulterated, visual delight

More artist books/zines/publications/etc. High quality.

Issac Tin Wei Lin = interesting. Many artists at this gallery are pretty spectacular, actually.

The most intriguing book description I've ever read and crazily sweet website/blog

Jen Stark is my favorite artist today

That's all. I'm going to edit The Emergence Project website now. I know in my newsletter I said that I was going to be adding more artists this summer, but I've actually decided that I need to downsize. The reason is that I would like to be on a more personal level with the artists that I am working with now, and it will be easier for me to promote a smaller number of artists. I'm just one person and The Emergence Project is just one of my many projects. I have also been actively planning my gallery space, looking at buildings and figuring things out... in the future The Emergence Project website will be a starting point for artists that could be represented in my gallery. But if you think you are an amazing artist that should be an exception of my "no more submissions" rule then e-mail me anyway. Better yet, send me something in the mail. I look at things that come into my mailbox much more than my inbox.

Thanks, Sarah

PS: Check out the updates here and let me know what you think.

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