Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Printmaking Techniques

I've been trying out some new printmaking techniques--my favorite has to be the wood block. I'm starting a HUGE woodblock print today. But here's what I've been experimenting with...

Tomorrow's Mutant, about 8" x 10", Woodblock

David's War, about 8" x 10", Copper Etching

I posted State One of this a few weeks ago. This is based off a photograph of my best friend's husband who served with the Marines in Iraq.

Race to Grow Up, about 8" x 10", Solarplate

For this I drew with Micron on frosted Mylar which I then burned onto the Solarplate.

I'm excited to get started on my huge woodblock (I'm talking 4 x 8 FEET), which I've already named Ecorche Croc...so I'll leave it up to your imagination.

I'm also working on some crazy embroidery that I'll be entering into a Fiberarts magazine contest. I almost done with one already so I'll post that soon. It's based off the Tomorrow's Mutant woodblock and uses lots of non-traditional materials. Yay!

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Bill Evertson said...

Love the woodbock 'Tomorrows Mutants' If you are doing a 4x8' woodblock I hope you have plenty of help with barens otherwise you have access to a very large press (or you have figured out something unique to keep the paper moist for the entire pressing) You are one ambitious artist. Also, I am impressed with the solarplate work. I need to do some more work on that front. Best Bill