Thursday, April 3, 2008

Owls on Onion Skin Paper

Okay, so I have two friends (they don't know each other) who both really like owls. (Which just made me realize that I've actually never seen an owl out in the wild--damn!) Anyway...Alexandra has them all over her house (not real ones of course) and Karissa just made a huge felted owl that's amazing. Since I just made some paper out of onion skins, which Alexandra donated some skins for, I thought I would thank her by doing this little drawing for her on the paper I made. I'll consider it Mail art since she lives far away from me and I'll be sending it to her :)

It's okay to do cute things once in a while, right? Why not.

Also I apologize for the picture quality but my scanner is not cooperating with me tonight, so the pic is from my very crappy camera. When my scanner starts cooperating I will be posting some more Mail art that I received :)


Bill Evertson said...

Who can resist cute from time to time. We can't be cutting edge all the while. Lets have some fun. Love the post. said...

That's more than cute! Really love it.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comments!