Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sketch for Etching

This is a preliminary sketch for a copper etching I'm doing titled David's War. The scene is inspired by a photograph of my friend in Iraq who served in the US Marines. I'm trying to show the tension that exists in the personal experience of a soldier--something that gets overlooked or ignored often.

Any feedback would be appreciated as I can still make changes. Thanks!


Daniela said...

This is beautiful. My son did 2 tours in Iraq so we are no stranger to the war. Thankyou for recognizing our soldiers. I wouldn't change a thing. You are very talented.

Bill Evertson said...

Great start and I understand how these things evolve. I would look a little more closely at the proportion of the soldier. To my eye I would like to see him slightly more elongated. What is the white object in foreground left?

Sarah said...

Thanks Bill...the white object is a piece of cloth that has caught on the barbed wire. This was drawn from a photo, and I love this composition because of reminds me of a surrender flag.