Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I laid there in the dark
With my socks on
My pants had been ripped off by you
Thinking about those other times I was raped
By those other guys
Trying to figure out how this was my fault
Where we went wrong
What happened to me
And you
When I said no before and liked it anyway
Back before I was disgusted by you
Back before
I thought I needed more money
I thought I needed a younger man
I thought I needed someone who wasn't so tired all the time
From working so hard
Working too hard
Everything became so unfair
All the days and nights wasted
Thinking about her and her and her
And now where are we?
You walked out the door
And maybe we'll never get back there
Maybe you should just stay gone
Or should we keep trying to justify the worth?


katwoman said...

strenghth of character is embodied in this writing, so purely emotional it touches a chord in everyone who survives horrible atrocities..

Sarah said...

Thank you. I only write poetry when I really feel I HAVE to write...not that often.