Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh How I Love Contemporary Textiles

Two-Sided Plastic Self Portrait (A Lot Is Hidden)

Buttons, found broken glass, thread, digi photograph, and contact paper on knit plastic bags

About 7" x 12"


Words I wrote while knitting this:

Color. I don't have a favorite.

Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and White—you can make every color from these.

My life is colorful at times; other times it is black; or white; or achromatic.

The black—I have very dark thoughts sometimes. I hide this from most people, but sometimes
I'm tortured. I think too much.

Plasticstrong yet fragile. Like me. Easy to cut through. Smooth.

Some kinds of plastic is harder to knit than others. I find it very satisfying to knit the plastic that is more difficult.

I like irregularities. Because nothing is perfect....but I wish it was, I still strive for it...

Perfectionism, compulsiveness, and knitting.

What I love most about incorporating knitting into my art is that as I'm knitting it gives me time to think about the work and plan everything ahead. I have time to think, yet I'm creating at the same time.

On the outside I appear happy, smart, and normal. I'm good at appearing this way.

Broken glass—It can cut you. You can see through it. It is beautiful. I found the glass I used in this piece in the trash. I save bits of glass I find on the street or by the water. Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped under glass. Like the water is coming up and I'm about to drown. But I always break through.

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Anonymous said...

love your textile work...brilliant, also funny, made me feel better reading your honest comments...