Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Matter

"Where the ‘new’ used to bring a differentiation with the 'old’ and embedded reasoning and aesthetics, the ‘new’ has nowadays become an easy to market product, readily devoured by the art-consumer.
But is this a sin ? If we say yes, then we are sinners too. For every one of us looks at contemporary art with the same hunger to experience, to drift away to virtual settings that can give you the, real or not, impression to be on the right track ; doing the right thing or at least experiencing...
But if we say no, then we indulge ourselves to consumerism and being part of the neo-liberal structure known to be suppressing democracy and durable development…?
Being realistic, no capitalist or neo-liberal structures will bring utopia. Nor the revolution of the oppressed masses will. Many believe the market to rule the world. But in reality, it’s the people, the individuals in this market that have the final decision.
Consuming is choosing. And choosing is differentiating!"


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Anonymous said...

nice blog enjoyed my brief stay

Sarah said...

Thanks, glad you like the blog.